WP CRM Settings The UI Tab

This tutorial will cover the options present under the ‘UI’ Tab in WP-CRM Settings.

The UI Table of WP-CRM settings contains the following options:


General UI Settings

By checking or unchecking this option you can disable or enable displaying user avatars on overview pages.


Primary User Identifier

All the attributes that you set in the Data tab under Settings are displayed in this dropdown box. You can choose any attribute to be set as the primary user identifier, which means that every user will be identified using that attribute. The Primary User identifier for every user is unique.


Overview Page User Card

The box will display all the user attributes set in the Data tab. You can select as many attributes as you like. These will be the attributes that are displayed in the Information column about any user, or while giving an overview of all the users.


Quick User Actions

This is used for user-specific actions that can be initiated from the user overview page. The Quick Password Reset is present by default.