WP CRM with WP Invoice Integration

WP-Invoice plugin integration:

WP-Invoice custom field

Advanced option WP-Invoice custom field may be used for adding custom user data fields for payments forms.

WP-Invoice Notifications

For your notifications on any of these Trigger actions — WPI: Invoice Paid (Client Receipt), WPI: Invoice Paid (Notify Administrator), WPI: Invoice Paid (Notify Creator) — you can use these shortcodes:

  • [user_email]
  • [user_name]
  • [user_id]
  • [invoice_id]
  • [invoice_title]
  • [permalink]
  • [total]
  • [default_currency_code]
  • [total_payments]
  • [creator_name]
  • [creator_email]
  • [creator_id]
  • [site]
  • [business_name]
  • [from]
  • [admin_name]
  • [admin_email]
  • [admin_id]

Storing WP-Invoice Data

When a customer pays an invoice using WP-Invoice a user account is create for them. The user information is stored in what’s called “User Meta”. Other plugins, including WP-CRM, can use this user meta as well.

To have the WP-Invoice’s user meta be accessible in WP-CRM you will need to add the fields you are interested in on the CRM -> Settings -> Data page. Below is list of WP-Invoice fileds:

Note! Slug of attributes should be as provided below. You will have ability to change titles after attributes will be saved.

  • last_name
  • first_name
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • streetaddress
  • phonenumber
  • country