WP-CRM: Group Messages

###Welcome to the WP-CRM: Group Messages wiki!

The WP-CRM attribute filter can be used to create group-specific messages. You can send plain text or html to format you message as you like. After a message is sent, a log is made for every recipient, allowing you to keep track of all collaboration.

Get Started

When the Group Message plugin is enabled, you will be able to see the option, ‘Send Group Message’, below the filters.

It will open a custom, ‘New message’ panel at the beginning of the page. By default, in the, ‘ To:’ section, it will select all the users you currently have stored. You can filter these users by using the filters on the right. You can select them according to the attribute setting that are displayed on the right above Show Actions. If those attributes are not enough, you can also filter your users by typing in a word or phrase, E.g. if you want to send a group message to all users who have ‘John’ in their name, you just type in ‘John’ in the Actions tab, and the user on your left will get filtered to only those that have John somewhere in their name. You can use the Actions tab to send group message to all users say from the same company, E.g. abc technologies.

Group Message feature gives you the freedom to quickly filter through your users and send messages to only those users that you want to communicate with.